Smartec Scientific Corp is an instrumentation dealer funded in 1993. With more than 20 years experiences on weather station, water quality and ocean current measurement and system integration, Smartec has won its reputation in Taiwan market. Since 2012 Smartec had been jointed the Taiwan offshore wind farm pilot projects which developed and integrated two metrological systems on Taipower and TGC offshore mast and had contracted maintenance services of three offshore Met Masts.





      In 2016, ZephIR with Smartec had Because the wind farm assessment marketing development in Taiwan, Smartec start to work with Zephir in the December 2015, and successful sale to a Zephir300M to National Cheng Kung University for offshore wind farm research project. There are Zephir300 renting project and purchased that Smartec working with one famous wind farm investors in Taiwan for years remote wind sensing measurement. Smartec will offer all technical and service maintenance contracts during the periods.


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     On 2016 Jun. 6~8, Smartec host a workshop and invite more than 100 participators which include the Taiwan power company, China steel Corp., China Shipbuilding Corp.wind farm investors, Ship and Ocean Industries R&D Center, NTU, NTOU, NCKU...etc, total involve Industry, government, academia in the core chain of the offshore wind farm marketing. We are really welcome the Matt Smith who is the senior manager from ZephIR in UK to provide trends of IEC61400-12 CD , continue wave Lidar technology for complex terrain and bankable data for offshore measurement ,we believe it should be an milestone of wind farm assessment and success Lidar promotion in offshore wind farm marketing in Taiwan .We also hold Hydrology and ocean wave and current seminar successfully by Sontek and AADI in recent year




At 2017 July,According to EOLOS, teaming up with Smartec is in line with its partnering approach in entering carefully identified markets for remote sensing wind resource campaigns, where it offers turnkey solutions using the FLS200 integrated buoy.


    “EOLOS has been successful in a number of new geographical markets as part of a targeted campaign in 2018 to extend our market coverage. Taiwan continues to bring opportunities for floating LiDAR campaigns and signaling our presence demonstrates our ambition to take-on wind resource campaigns in this continent,” said Rajai Aghabi, EOLOS CEO.





     Smartec would like to introduction and bring the advantage technology instrumentations on renewable energy marketing and offer best after service to support and work together with customers . 







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