Human Mammary Epithelial Cells HMEpC 人乳腺上皮細胞

    產品名稱 : Human Mammary Epithelial Cells HMEpC 人乳腺上皮細胞

    產品型號 : 830K-05A、830-05a


    人乳腺上皮細胞(HMEpC)  提供了一個模型系統多方面來研究上皮功能和相關疾病,尤其是癌症相關的研究與應用。






    人乳腺上皮細胞(HMEpC)  提供了一個模型系統多方面來研究上皮功能和相關疾病,尤其是癌症相關的研究與應用。


    • Investigate the role of exosomes secreted by cancer cells in formation of tumor permissive microenvironment through manipulation of normal mammary epithelium
    • Serve as control in a study investigating antitumor properties of cannabinoids and stem cell microenvironment
    • Determine that differential expression of glycoproteins allows classification of human breast cells into normal, benign, malignant, basal, and luminal groups
    • Identify ALDH isoform 5A1 as a potential target for treatment of human breast ductal carcinoma
    • Determine that combination of an anti-growth factor treatment using phototherapy (UV-B) is more effective
    • Investigate cell survival following DNA damage
    • Show the important roles of tumor suppressors in mammary epithelial differentiation
    • Explain protection of extracellular matrix from degradation in normal mammary epithelia,
    • Show that Maspin loss in metastatic cancer leads to unrestricted ECM degradation, contributing to metastasis, and that loss of EcSOD expression also promotes invasiveness by disrupting ECM
    • Investigate the role of shortened telomeres in initiation of genomic instability, cytokinesis failure and polyploidy
    • Elucidate the role of Myc in malignancy by studying its ability to transform primary epithelial cells
    • Demonstrate, along with Human dermal Fibroblasts, also from Cell Applications, Inc., that resveratrol inhibits mono-ubiquitination of histone H2B


    產品 包裝 品號
    Cryopreserved HMEpC Total Kit: 5x10^5 Cells (Adult), Medium & Subculture Reagents (See Details tab for specifics) 1 Kit 830K-05a
    Cryopreserved HMEpC, adult: Frozen HMEpC (5x10^5) 1 Cryovial 830-05a
    產品 包裝 品號
    人乳腺上皮細胞基礎培養基:基礎培養基(不含生長補充劑)。使用前另添加GS。 500毫升 814-500
    人乳腺上皮細胞生長培養基:All-in-one即用型 500毫升 815-500
    人乳腺上皮細胞生長培養基試劑盒:基礎培養基和生長補充劑(分開獨立包裝) 500毫升 815K-500
    人乳腺上皮細胞生長補充劑:添加到基礎培養基中以產生生長培養基 5毫升 815-GS
    Lonza產品 CC-3153 替代商品為 Cell Applications產品 814-500