產品型號: SER-BC

*All samples are collected in FDA licensed facility and pathogen tested according to FDA guidelines for the following: HBsAG, Anti-HCV, Anti-HIV-1/2, HIV-1 RNA, HBV DNA, HCV RNA, Syphilis.*

  • Human Serum
  • Recovered Plasma
  • Source Plasma
  • Whole Blood
  • Red Blood Cells
  • Leukocytes (Buffy Coats)
  • Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Platelet Concentrates

Leukocyte specifications possible:

  • Types of leukocyte preparations available:
    • Buffy coats
    • Gender, age, or ethnicity specific


Item# Item Desc U/M
SER-BC Human Buffy Coat, "bloody"(Concentrated Leukocytes with some RBCs), (Shipped after testing complete), ACD ~60ml
SER-BC-SDS Human Buffy Coat"bloody"(Concentrated Leukocytes with some RBCs), FRESH (Collect/Ship same day, Testing Pending-requires signed waiver on file-contact us for more details) ~60ml
SER-LEUKO-FULL Fresh Human Leukopak, FULL.(~200ml, ~10 billion MNCs).+ Anticoag: ACD-A (Collect/Ship same day) EACH
SER-LEUKO-HALF Fresh Human Leukopak, HALF.(~100ml, ~5 billion MNCs).+ Anticoag: ACD-A(Collect/Ship same day) EACH
SER-LRS-SDS Human Leukoreduction System Chamber (LRS Chamber) 10-20mls, Averge MNC count 1.5 Billion.+ (Collect/Ship same day, Pathogen Testing Pending)- Use Universal Precautions Expiration: 4 days EACH
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