Fresh/Frozen Biological Fluid Samples 新鮮/冷凍生物流體樣品

產品型號: T-BILE-10ML

Flash Frozen, Fresh & Formalin Fixed Tissue Samples

We are an extensive listing of human tissues samples that can be used for subsequent cellular, biochemical and/or genetic analysis. Please contact us for our current inventory offering. Custom Tissue Procurement is available.

Fresh/Frozen Biological Fluid Samples 


Item# Item Desc U/M
T-BILE-10ML Frozen Human BILE, 10ml 10.0 ml
T-CSF Frozen Human Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF), Single donor, ~1.0ml 1.0ml
T-CSFP Frozen Human Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF), Pooled donor, 3.0ml 3.0ml
T-AF-1ML Frozen Human Amniotic Fluid Single donor, 1.0ml (priced per ml) ml
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