Custom Tissue Procurement Services 訂製組織採購服務

產品型號: ZenComplete

ZenBio offers cells, tissue, and serum from a diverse group of donor populations. Products are available from mixed donor lots, individual donor lots and a variety of disease states such as type II diabetes, hypertension, and others. Often, ZenBio is able to provide additional value added information such as blood panels and history of disease. In the event we do not have samples from a donor demographic that meets your needs, we are able to custom tailor a solution.

Below is an example of how we were able to meet the tissue and cultured cell needs of a top 10 pharmaceutical company. We work with an extensive network of US surgeons and procure all of our tissue from fully consented donors.

Below is a brief example of our other customized procurement and product programs.

One customer was interested in a comprehensive biomarker discovery effort and requested the following from living healthy donors undergoing elective surgery: 6 obese diabetic females (BMI greater than 35 and fasting blood glucose over 125) and 6 non obese, non-diabetic females (BMI under 28 and fasting blood glucose under 100). The following was for subcutaneous adipose tissue but we have performed similar services for customers requiring omental or mesenteric adipose or even as matched sets.

  • 40 million cultured adipocytes
  • 5 ml of serum
  • 20 µg total RNA from cultured adipocytes
  • 20 µg total RNA from adipose tissue (tissue had to be flash frozen in the surgery suite within 45 minutes after removal
  • 1 gram flash frozen adipose tissue
  • 1 gram Formalin fixed adipose tissue
  • full de-identified patient chart information including: fasting blood glucose, age, height, weight, sex, current medications, patient and family history of disease.
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